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 Food On The Tour



So, what do we eat on Oklahoma Freewheel?  A little bit of everything and whatever you’d like.  The cost of meals is not included in your registration fee, with the exception of dinner on Friday night, which is included as part of the End-of-Trail celebration.  Reasonably priced meals are provided for breakfast and dinner in all of the host communities.  We generally arrange for a community along the route to provide lunch unless there is a wide selection of eateries a bit beyond the mid-point of a day’s ride.

Breakfast – Each host community is asked to provide a breakfast of some sort starting at 5:00am.  This could be anything from pancakes, to biscuits and gravy, to oatmeal and fruit, to all of the above.  Cost for breakfast generally runs $6.00 to $8.00. Beginning with the 2020 tour, you will now be able to pre-purchase your breakfast for the entire week when you register. You will receive all seven meals for the price of $35. That’s an average of $5 a meal.

Lunch – We generally arrange for a community along our route to provide a lunch meal, though you may be eating “lunch” at 9:30 or 10am. We try to pick a spot a little beyond half-way for the day, around 40 miles or so.  Lunch prices are generally in the $5.00 to $10.00 range.  Note that we may not pre-arrange a lunch stop if there are a number of dining choices available along a particular day’s route at a distance near where we would otherwise have arranged to have a community provide a meal.

Evening meal – The host community will have an evening meal for riders that will be in the $8.00 to $12.00 range.  Or you’re welcome to partake of local cafes and restaurants. Most Host Towns will have shuttles available to easily get you around town to the local Meals provided by communities along the way are most often prepared by civic, school, or church groups.  There are also, in most communities, local cafes and restaurants that welcome Oklahoma Freewheel riders whole-heartedly.

One thing is absolutely certain; you will NOT go hungry.  And don’t plan to lose weight on Oklahoma Freewheel.  It just ain’t gonna happen!


 Overnight Accommodations



Shower Truck and Towels

Oklahoma Freewheel is proud to include the Pork Belly shower service as part of participants paid registration. Thanks to our partners at Superior Linen, we are also able to provide a clean towel for each rider each day of the tour. The shower truck will be available starting on the Saturday before the tour and will be open from 11am to 9pm each day during the tour except on the last day. On the last day of the tour the shower truck will be open from 10am to 1pm.

Outdoor Camping

Oklahoma Freewheel is PRIMARILY A CAMPING TOUR.  The majority of riders bring their own shelter and become a part of each night’s “tent city,” generally located on park or school grounds near shower, toilet, and other facilities. Oklahoma Freewheel provides a shower truck, which will be located near campers offering hot showers at the end of each day. Additionally, Oklahoma Freewheel provides clean and convenient port-a-johns to supplement facilities available in the host communities. Each host community is instructed to have emergency facilities available and plans prepared to evacuate campers to a safe haven should foul weather threaten. Riders should be sure to check at the host city’s information area to determine where this shelter area is in each camp.

Indoor Camping

Though host communities are requested to provide indoor camping opportunities as well, indoor facilities are generally limited. These facilities are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Most host communities will charge a nominal fee for indoor camping. Some communities get local churches and other organizations to host indoor campers as well, generally for a small fee. The bottom line is that indoor facilities are not guaranteed to all who might want them. You should plan accordingly.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR INDOOR CAMPERS: Indoor campers are NOT allowed to wear bicycle cleated shoes in the indoor facilities, nor are riders allowed to take their bicycles into the indoor camping facilities. We ask all Oklahoma Freewheel riders to treat the facilities offered in each community as you would your own home by removing cleated shoes or sandals, leaving your bicycle outside, and leaving the facilities clean when you depart. You should come prepared with a lock to secure your bike outside any indoor sleeping facilities.


Limited motel/hotel accommodations may be available in some of the towns that host Oklahoma Freewheelers. In addition to the list below, you should contact the local Chambers of Commerce for information on availability and location of such facilities and make your own arrangements. If you elect and are able to find motel accommodations, you are also responsible for getting your luggage to and from your motel. Bags must be on the luggage truck by 8am each morning. Plan accordingly.

Recommended Hotels/Motels

Friday Bus Town -

Start Town -

Day 1 -

Day 2 -

Day 3 -

Day 4 -

Day 5 -

Day 6 -

Day 7 -

Oklahoma Freewheel Premium Tent Services

For 2020, Oklahoma Freewheel is again teaming up with Pork Belly Ventures to offer the premium camping option. We will continue the tradition of offering Oklahoma Freewheel participants the excellent tent services for those not inclined to carry or set up their own. Pork Belly Ventures will provide the tents and setup service while Oklahoma Freewheel will provide the amenities and a dedicated support staff you deserve during the tour. Prices include tent, air mattress (two air mattresses for double occupants), relaxing chair available in the shade, luggage brought to your tent, snacks and cool refreshments at the end of your day’s ride, and fresh coffee each morning. Visit the Oklahoma Freewheel store for pricing options and rest assured that those who’ve taken advantage of these services in the past have only glowing remarks about their “country club” experience!  All transactions are final and no refunds are available on tent services.

Pork Belly Ventures – Motel Trailer

The crew at Pork Belly Ventures is again pleased to offer the Motel Trailer for the 2020 edition of Oklahoma Freewheel. These comfortable, air-conditioned rooms on a semi-trailer offer a room design that accommodates up to 5 riders. Each room has twin bunks, a trundle on the floor, and a sofa that converts easily to a bunk. Mattresses, pillows, and linens are all included in your carpeted room. Each room has a deck with two chairs along with locking windows and doors. At a cost of $2000 per room, the cost may be divided among occupants. All occupants must be registered riders of the Oklahoma Freewheel. For more information, please visit their website or contact Pete Phillips at 402-681-2613 or

Local RV Parks

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Day 1


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Day 2


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Day 3


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Luggage & What to Pack

Seven days on the road … what do I need to take? Ah, now there’s a question that has as many answers as there are people to ask. Everyone has their own needs and philosophy regarding what to bring and what to leave behind. You’ll have to develop a list and get a container that’s right for you. But here are some guidelines and requirements that will help you put your kit together.

Here are the requirements/restrictions you have to work with:

  • No more than 2 bags per registered rider of 40 pounds or less each. We will be monitoring bag weight and will weigh your bags if necessary.

  • You may not load your own bag(s) on to the luggage truck. Please bring your bags to the truck and they will be loaded for you.

  • Do not pack in trash bags, plastic bins, or external-frame backpacks, and don’t bring a luggage cart/buggy

  • Items may not be tied on the outside of your luggage

  • Leave hazardous or flammable materials at home

  • Avoid fragile or breakable items or pack them well

How much?  

Most folks manage the week with an amount of gear that would fit in a standard army duffel bag; that’s roughly 20″ x 36″; a little over 10,000 cubic inches. Some people bring more, many bring less. Remember that you have to be able to lift your bag and carry it to and from the luggage truck each morning and evening.

What should I pack? 

Check Nickie’s Packing List 2.0 for an exhaustive list of potential items to bring. Remember, we won’t be traveling through wilderness. There will be stores in the communities we pass through where you can purchase most items you might need other than cycling or camping-specific items. So you don’t need to bring everything.  Some folks get by with a single change of clothes and sleeping gear, washing their riding gear each night for use the next day. Others bring fresh riding clothes for each day and camp clothes, camp chairs, queen-size inflatable mattresses and more (just remember you have to carry all of this and load it in the truck!). You’ll develop a list that’s right for you.

How should I pack? 

It’s best to pack everything in plastic bags, even if your duffel is waterproof.  Bags are unloaded each day and, depending on the weather, may be rained on or may be unloaded in a damp area.  Lining your duffel with a trash bag, or a heavier trash compacter bag, provides added protection.  Zip-lock bags in all sizes were surely developed with the event cyclist in mind. Bring along a few extra bags to replace those that may be damaged during the week. Though a standard army duffel will generally hold all of the clothing and camping gear a single rider will need for the week, many riders elect to have two bags; one with their camping gear and another with their clothing and other items.  Regardless of the bag or bags you elect to bring along, it’s best to make them easy to identify by selecting brightly colored duffels or painting a unique design on your bags. It can be difficult to find a single olive-drab duffel in a sea of 1,000 or more bags!


You knew this was coming? No Drop Productions, LLC nor any of the volunteers are responsible in any way for items lost, stolen, broken, or otherwise damaged. Bags are piled in the truck and are tossed out of the truck at each campsite … select duffels and pack with this in mind!


 Transportation & Parking



*Transportation is NOT included in your registration.  Optional bus tickets can be purchased by clicking here.  Each ticket includes transportation for your bike and luggage as well.  See below for tips on how to properly box your bike, as No Drop Productions, LLC. takes NO responsibility for anything that happens to your bike during the trip.*


Departure Info (May 30, 2020) -

The bus from the finish town, will leave for the start town at 6am. ($120 per seat)

The bus from Eastwood Baptist Church in Tulsa will leave for the start town at 7:00am sharp. ($70 per seat)

The bus from Cafe Evoke in Edmond will leave for the start town at 8am. ($70 per seat)

Return Info (June 6, 2020) – 

The return buses will leave from the finish town and take you back to either the start town ($120 per seat), Tulsa ($60 per seat), or Edmond ($60 per seat) at 1pm. Plan your final day’s ride so that you arrive in time to box and load your bike for the return trip.

Location of bus pickup in Tulsa, OK:

Map Link

The Eastwood Baptist Church is located close to Tulsa’s airport.

Location of bus pickup in Edmond, OK:

Map Link

Please park on the west side behind Cafe Evoke.

Location of bus pickup and long-term parking in finish town:

Map Link

You have permission to leave your car (at your own risk) in the finish town at location for the entire week of the ride.

Location of bus drop-off and long-term parking in start town:

Map Link

You have permission to leave your car (at your own risk) in the start town for the entire week of the ride.

Bus reservations are now being sold online.  Click here to purchase bus tickets.

Parking at the start and finish

Parking will be available for those driving to the start or finish and leaving their car for the week and for those joining the ride mid-week. Though we ask local law enforcement to keep an eye on vehicles parked in the start, finish, and mid-week towns, cars are not guarded 24×7 nor is the parking location likely to be fenced or otherwise secured. In other words, parking is at your own risk. We’ve not had any problems with cars being bothered or vandalized in the past, but that’s not a guarantee.

Transportation and Boxing Your Bike

Bikes are carried by the luggage truck or a U-Haul that leaves with the buses. Most bus riders box their bikes and you are STRONGLY ADVISED to box yours! Boxes protect your bike and make loading them on the truck for transportation much more efficient.

No Drop Productions, LLC., affiliated businesses, and volunteers are not responsible for any loss or damage to bicycles. After un-boxing bikes at the start, boxes are flattened and carried at the front of the luggage truck until the end of the ride when bus riders re-box their bikes for the return to Tulsa, Oklahoma City, or the starting community.  This includes any bike cases, blankets, and other packing material used to transport a bicycle.

Boxing your bike is by far the safest way to transport your bicycle for those opting for any of the bus options. That said, about 75% of bus riders have elected not to box their bikes in the past few years. It’s up to you.

If you’ve never “boxed” your bike before, you may wish to get assistance from your local bike shop, at, or review the articles at the following web sites for instructions on how best to box your bike:


 Additional Services


Additional Services

Oklahoma Freewheel offers many additional services during the tour. All of these additional services require the participants to sign up for before or during the tour. While most of these additional services require an additional fee, some are free to all participants. See below what we have to offer or contact Trevor Steward at or (918) 344-5987 with questions and/or comments.

Free Services

Mobile Phone Text Alerts

Sign up for OK Freewheel mobile alerts by texting FREEWHEEL20 to 41411 now. This service if free but your carrier data rates will apply. We will only use this service during Oklahoma Freewheel. This service will allow us to contact you during an emergency, give up-to-date weather alerts, have daily contests, and remind you about events happening during the day. We will also remind you about Trevor’s famous 7pm riders meetings and where you can watch them if you can’t attend in person.

Paid Services

Massage Services

One of the best services in the OK Freewheel campsite each night is the massage team. Few experiences compare to a relaxing massage at the end of a long, perhaps hot day on Oklahoma back roads. For a nominal fee you can have your attitude and your muscles adjusted in preparation for a sound night’s sleep and a good start the next morning. Karen and her team of licensed massage therapists set up shop in the campsite each day shortly after noon and schedule appointments well into the evening hours. You may want to arrange a standing appointment for each night of the week … you deserve it!

Breakfast Pass

The breakfast pass is available for purchase during registration at and at the online store for $35. This guarantees breakfast each day during the tour (days 1-7) and eliminates the need to cary extra cash. We guarantee the breakfast will be worth the $5 a day pricing. By pre-selling breakfast, we are able to better guide each town on the number of riders eating breakfast. This will help them make the most money for their group and help us eliminate as much waste as possible.


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